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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Rooted Rituals for MMI Agency. All opinions are 100% mine.

It wasn’t too long ago that finding quality hair care products required going to a salon, having a billion products recommended to you, and inevitably, finding yourself walking out with hundreds of dollars worth of haircare products.

Now, thanks to brands like Rooted Rituals, you can find not only effective, but affordable haircare products online at local supermarkets like Walmart.

Rooted Ritual’s products, while smelling heavenly, are packed with hair and scalp healthy ingredients including aloe, ginger root, mint, charcoal, and vitamin E. Their products aim to treat the scalp while helping to cleanse and remove build-up such as oil or excess product.

Three of my favorite products from the line are the: Ginger Root + Mint Pre-Shampoo Root Rinse, the Cooling & Strengthening Tonic for Scalp, and the Scalp Rejuvenating Scalp Massager.

Cooling & Strengthening Tonic for Scalp + Scalp Rejuvenating Scalp Massage

Quite possibly my favorite duo offered from Rooted Rituals. Over the past few months living in a new and drier climate, my hair (mostly my scalp) have suffered. While I’ve not typically been prone to flaky skin on my scalp, being in harsh, dry winter climates has shown to be problematic in new ways. For the past month to combat this, I’ve been using the Cooling & Strengthening Tonic immediately after showering. While this product can be used on wet or dry hair, I prefer to apply it while my hair is wet to help it spread a bit easier. I typically part my hair down the middle and take 4 drops starting at the crown of my head back to the base, and then repeat on the sides until my scalp feels covered. I particularly like this product because while it strengthens hair and makes it look fuller, it by no means adds any greasiness or unwanted weight. Pro tip for application is to use it in combination with the scalp rejuvenating scalp massager, not only does it help distribute the product, but it gives you a nice and relaxing scalp massage, increasing blood flow and therefore promoting rejuvenation and growth.

Ginger Root + Mint Pre-Shampoo Root Rinse

The Ginger Root + Mint Pre-Shampoo Root Rinse is another favorite, primarily due to the amount of dry shampoo I currently use. Anyone who is a regular dry shampoo user, or heavy haircare product user, knows how frustrating it can be to try and shampoo out crusty, product-thickened hair. A pre-shampoo rinse completely eliminates that problem. The soft texture allows the pre-rinse to be easily worked into the hair while breaking up pre-existing product. I love to use this after a few days of heavy dry shampoo use.

Above all, one of the greatest things about Rooted Rituals is that every product in their line can be purchased for under $10, an incredibly affordable price point for the effectiveness of their products, because of this, it is easily one of my favorite hair care brands, and their cooling & strengthening tonic will be a continuous repurchase of mine.


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